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From the two stores in the Fenals area of Lloret de mar you can purchase all your favourite foods, toiletries, greeting cards, news papers and lots more. BFI are a very well established British owned company based in Lloret de Mar and Salou. From here they are able to offer an excellent and reliable delivery service of British and Irish food imports all along the coast and also into Andorra. Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, supermarket or small store they can provide you with the most popular brands of food products required by UK families away from home!
British Food Imports - both stores are in Fenals, one on the main road between Lloret and Blanes (Opposite the Royal Star Hotel) this is where you can buy your favorite UK branded goods from home etc and the other store which is located opposite the Royal Beach hotel is now the 'Holiday Shop' selling everything for the holidaymakers in Lloret de Mar...suncreams, snacks, drinks, etc. Both premisies offer much more than just a 'local shop' to the local residents or holidaymaker...they always aim to give a good exchange rate with no commission, and friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice or help in anyway they can!


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 BFI have a choice of more than 2,000 available products ready for immediate delivery, If there is something you miss from home and they dont have it in stock you only have to ask and they will try their very best to get it for you, special offers are always available.

Daily newspapers & your favourite weekly/monthly mags  >>>

The frozen foods section contains some of the most hard to come by products required  by Brits abroad, they have a great selection of pies and pasties, fish products, sliced bread, burger buns and tasty ready meals. Shelves are stacked full of the best tinned foods, biscuits, cereals, baking products, condiments, and toiletries for all the family.

Household cleaning products from home. Your favourite brands of tea, coffee and bedtime drinks are always in stock!

A huge selection of wines, spirits and mixers.