This delightful museum set on three floors is home to a private collection of more than 10,000 cats all belonging to Vera Novoselova & Alexandr Gvozdev! No real ones of course but here you can see toys, clocks, jewellery, porcelain, ivory, glass, tableware and paintings in fact cats of every description made from all kinds of materials. Some carry such famous names as Swarovski, Lalique and the distinguished Russian name of Faberge!  

 Located just two minutes across the road from Lloret de Mar beach, this is somewhere I recommend you visit while on holiday here in Lloret de Mar especially if you have children...they will love it!  The staff are very helpful, we were given a full guided tour by Salomé who was happy to answer our questions and told us all about the museum and its exhibits, at present the entrance fee is only €3.

Need a break from the weather? 

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